Partners – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has partnered with The Intern Group to provide their students with international internship opportunities combining professional experience with cultural immersion in New York, Colombia, London, Australia and Madrid.

The Intern Group hosted a number of HKUST students on our programs in 2014 and 2015. We’re now excited to extend a special invitation to all HKUST students to join our programs in

Why The Intern Group?

The Intern Group’s programs include high quality accommodation, professional development training, social and cultural activities and 24/7 local support from our full-time country teams, in addition to a first-class internship. They last from a minimum of 6 weeks up to a maximum of 6 months and take place all year round.

With offices in each of our program destinations, we utilise our strong network and expert local knowledge to arrange a fantastic internship and incredible immersion experience. We have partner organisations across all career fields who are looking for interns to provide a critical role in providing a new perspective, valuable skills and fresh ideas to help drive their growth.


Collaborative internship placement process

Our local team in each destination spends a great deal of time finding out about you, your past experience and future career aspirations. You, the participant, are very much involved in the placement process, and this really is the key to ensuring that the internship is a valuable and vital springboard to your career success. Our collaborative internship placement process also allows us to offer roles in specialised industries and sectors.

We have particular strengths in the following areas:

  • Engineering (all areas) – Colombia
  • Entrepreneurship and international business – all destinations
  • Marketing and communication – all destinations
  • Biotechnology & sciences – Colombia and Madrid
  • Information Technology and computer science – all destinations
  • Architecture – Madrid
  • NGOs and charities – Colombia and Australia
  • Fashion – London and Australia
  • Journalism & media – London, Madrid and Australia
  • Hospitality & tourism – Australia, Madrid and Colombia

HKUST student discount

We are offering all HKUST students a 12% discount off our published program fees. Let our admissions advisors know during the application process that you are an HKUST student in order to qualify for the discount.



Melbourne, Australia, is the perfect blend of culture and commerce. Our Australia internships give you the chance to work in the skyscrapers, ride the trams, and relax on the beaches of this dynamic and diverse city. Melbourne is the home for your ambitions and adventures as you boost your career in this friendly and exciting location.

Melbourne’s role as Australia’s center of trade and opportunity is obvious. Melbourne’s multicultural, hospitable city center boasts a busy port, beautiful architecture and a buzzing restaurant and art scene. The city is surrounded by national parks, beautiful beaches, vineyards and rain forests.

The Economist Intelligence Unit has named Melbourne “The World’s Most Livable City” for the last three years running.

International interns in Australia


We are delighted to offer first-class internships in Colombia, one of the world’s most exciting and fastest-growing economies. In today’s globalized world, internships in Latin America are an impressive addition to a resume. Experience in an emerging economy will give you extremely valuable first-hand knowledge, appreciated greatly by future employers. The old guard is changing, and it will be emerging economies that provide the growth to drive the world forward this century.

Medellin, where our program is located, was named “City of the Year” in 2013 by the Wall Street Journal and Citi Group.

Why choose Colombia?

  • As our most economical program, Colombia offers a fantastic balance between the quality of life and cost of living.
  • Colombia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
  • We offer great roles regardless of your Spanish level (many roles are English-speaking and don’t require any knowledge of Spanish). You’ll also have the option of studying Spanish alongside your internship with our prestigious partner institution.


London is a majestic city, full of history and beauty. It is also a city of ambition on the forefront of the globe in a variety of sectors. For centuries, London has attracted the best and brightest from all over the world. An internship in London will make your resume shine.

Why choose London?

  • An internship in one of the great global powerhouses will be a prestigious addition to your resume.
  • London is our busiest program and attracts students from all over the world.
  • Our package includes a full pass for the world’s most expensive transportation network allowing you to explore all that this great city has to offer.

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Madrid is a historic yet modern city, a center of global business, and the headquarters to many of Europe’s, and the world’s, largest companies. Our Spain internship program offers you a professional internship in your chosen career field, and all of the support and infrastructure necessary to have the best experience abroad.

Why choose Madrid?

  • An internship in Madrid gives you the opportunity to explore Spain’s rich and diverse culture.
  • Madrid is a center for European and global business and tourism.
  • We offer great roles regardless of your Spanish level (many roles are English-speaking and don’t require any knowledge of Spanish). You will also have the option of studying Spanish alongside your internship.


New York City is a cultural and financial hub of the world that will leave you wanting more. Our New York internships offer successful applicants the chance to gain invaluable work experience in one of the financial capitals of the world, all while making important global connections and boosting their resume and future career. The opportunities are limitless in this city. Our US internship program will set you apart in competitive job markets around the world.

Why choose New York?

  • New York is a world-renowned hub for international business and culture
  • You will have the opportunity to explore one of the USA’s largest and most influential cities
  • We provide quality accommodation and access to the extensive transport network so you can make the most of your time in this great city

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How to Apply

Browse through our program destinations and available career fields to get an idea of what you’re looking for. Be sure to also look over key program information, including start dates, FAQs, and what is included in the program fees.

The experience of a lifetime is only a few steps away.

1. Application

Our programs are competitive, so early applications are encouraged. Early applications get primary consideration for the most competitive roles in our extensive network.

We recommend that you apply at least 12 weeks before your intended start date.

First, you must fill out an application found “here”. The online application form will ask for basic information and takes less than a minute to complete. You will immediately be taken to our online calendar to book a convenient interview time with our admissions team. Please ensure to complete this step of booking your interview time. Your application will not be submitted otherwise.

2. Interview

In our 20-minute Skype/phone interview, we will discuss your academic and professional background, career interests, and goals/motivations. We will discuss the opportunities available within your desired program destination and career field, and discuss the program in general. This is your chance to shine and show us why you would be a good candidate for our program.

Please refer to our blog post for more details about The Intern Group interview.

Remember to let the admissions advisor know that you are an HKUST student in order to qualify for the 12% discount off our published program fees.

3. If you are successful in your interview, confirm your place in the program

After your interview, you will be informed within 3 business days if you have been successful in your application. Successful applicants will then be formally offered a place in our program.

You will be asked to confirm your place in the program by making a deposit of GBP 500. This deposit is fully refundable if you are not placed in your first or second choice career field – giving you peace of mind that you will have a fantastic internship experience abroad.

4. Collaborative internship placement process

Once we have received your deposit, you will have formally confirmed your place on our program.

Our expert placement team in-destination will engage in a collaborative internship placement process with you and prepare you to Skype/phone interview for a well-suited role in your preferred career fields. The interview(s) with host companies/organizations will typically be arranged 4-12 weeks prior to your arrival in destination. Your internship role will typically be confirmed 4-8 weeks prior to your arrival (this is a guideline and may differ during peak seasons). We recommend that you book your flights once your internship details are confirmed.

5. Pack your bags!

You are then all set for a first-class professional and personal experience, in an exciting new destination.