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TIG Tables

General Info

Architecture — Barcelona, Madrid, Shanghai, Colombia

Art - London, Madrid

Photography — London and Australia

Design and Graphic Design - Madrid, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Colombia, Chile

Consulting — Hong Kong, Australia, Colombia, Shanghai, Tokyo

Engineering — Colombia, Madrid, Shanghai, London (strong applicants), Toronto, California

Environmental Sciences & Sustainability — Bangkok, Australia, Shanghai, Colombia

Fashion — London, New York, Colombia, Hong Kong, Australia

Finance & Accounting — Dublin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Australia, Colombia

Government & Politics — Colombia (Spanish) & London

Hospitality, Events & Tourism — Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Colombia (Spanish), London, Australia

HR— Tokyo, Hong Kong, Australia, Dublin, Shanghai, Madrid

IT - Dublin, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, California, Chile

Journalism — Shanghai, London, Hong Kong, Australia, New York, Dublin, Tokyo

Languages & Translation - Chile, Colombia, Tokyo

Law — Bangkok, Dublin, Madrid, Colombia (Spanish)

Medical Electives — Colombia ONLY

NGOs & Nonprofits — Chicago, Dublin, Hong Kong, London, Australia, New York

Psychology — London, Dublin, Shanghai, Tokyo, Australia (HR)

Public Health — Dublin, Chicago, Bangkok

Real Estate — Shanghai, Dublin, Latin America (Spanish), Tokyo, Chicago, Bangkok

Science - Colombia, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Madrid

Social Work — London, Dublin, Madrid

TV & Film — Dublin, London, Australia, New York, Colombia (Spanish), Shanghai

Theater — London, New York (weak)

Music — London, Latin America (Spanish), New York (weak), Tokyo (Weak), Bangkok (weak)

Business, Entrepreneurship, PR & Marketing - strong everywhere

Remember, new destinations (Bangkok, Barcelona, California, and Chile) have no career limitations besides NO medical electives.

Asking for additional documentation:

Always suggest they send you a cover letter or additional documentation such as a portfolio, coursework, etc and explain it is not mandatory, but it can help their chances getting accepted. Already written writing samples are only mandatory in USA Programs for ESL candidates that choose Journalism, Gov/Politics, Law and Finance, this can be a cover letter.

Domestic Internships are allowed only in the USA and China.

Rest of world it is not allowed.

The general rule of thumb is that we cannot accept those applicants who have been living in the country they’re applying to for 7+ years.

Gap Year Applicants

View Gap Year Applicants Strategy for specific eligibility information, and career fields. Ask RAM if you have any questions.

They can go to: 

  • Americas: Toronto, USA (B1 visa), Colombia & Chile
  • Europe: Dublin, Spain (if accepted into university), and London (if EU passport or YM visa)
  • Asia Pacific:  Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Australia (if accepted into university

Discount Combinations:

Refer a Friend – vTiger Process

During interview do the following:

Salesperson manually writes the name or CON ID of referrer (Intern A) on the referred’s (Intern B) vTiger profile in the new field called “Referred by” in Admissions Tracker. Then Admissions is done. The 300 USD is not applied until the person who has been referred pays their first 50% fee. (Sam or Erika will take over from here)

Note: Alumni are eligible to refer a friend and receive 300 USD. However, the referred friend must mention the alumni during the interview or shortly after. Use your discretion.
****ALWAYS put a note about this in the comments section on vtiger profile to keep everyone in the loop

GPT University Partnerships (*find more in depth info in GPT tab of TIG Tables)

Please choose associated University and University Program.
Don’t send GPT to any “new” destination
PEND *all* partner university applicants at all times so that the in-country team can carefully select them.

We don’t want to weaken our partnerships in anyway if there happens to be an issue with a GPT applicant
Pending Applicants: All applicants who are set to pending must have notes explaining exactly why they are pending.

Key Terms Note: Memorize and naturalize the following terms:

Career fields
Applicants must have at least two career fields. They are defined by sectors, such as PR & Marketing, Finance, Int’l Bus, etc. IF they are looking for a subfield within one career field, they must be put as PENDING -WITH NOTES- explaining why they are pending.

Placement process
Our expert placement team in-country will work with you to find the best match for you based on your career field interests, past experience, and our host organizations’ needs. If accepted onto the program, our placement specialists will reach out to our large network of host organizations, sourcing the best opportunity for you. They are known for what they do and have successfully matched thousands of program participants with great host company matches.

The placement specialists are highly trained and experienced. If you are accepted to our program, you are guaranteed an internship in your primary or secondary career field of choice. The majority get their first choice career field, however your flexibility is important in case a better opportunity arises in your secondary career field.

100% fully refundable ONLY in the case that they are not placed in one of their preference areas .

Example host organizations – View Document: Admissions: Host Organization Examples Worldwide

Describing flexibility.

This applies to EVERY INTERVIEW you conduct.

After going over their interests in both of their career fields ask “Would you be equally satisfied if you were placed in either one of these career fields?”

For picky candidates, talk them out of it or pend them if you can’t.

Important information regarding The Intern Group

Our mission is to facilitate accelerated professional development for international students. We don’t offer paid internships or domestic internships.

Never guarantee a single host organization, such as Quintessentially or Bell-Pottinger. It is vital to maintain realistic expectations with our applicants.

We often partner with new organizations if they would be a better match for a participant. We have dedicated out-reach teams working on our participants´ accounts in all program destinations, meaning our list of partners is constantly growing and evolving.

Please refer to Career Field tables for updates and accept accordingly.

Required Information to Collect for Vtiger notes

Accepted or Pending:
Academic Credit?
Start Date:
Career Fields:
Q1. Primary career field?
Q2. Secondary career field?
Q3. Would you be equally satisfied if you were placed in either one of these career fields?
Q4. Technical skills/relevant professional experience?
Q5. Start date / duration / destination flexibility?
Q6. Special requirements:
Q7. Language level/classes/other language skills:
FOR ALL Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin & Japanese destinations:
1. What is your level from 1-10? It doesn’t hurt your application, we want to correctly place you.
2. Would you be capable of doing the company interview in Spanish/Cantonese, etc?
3. Have you taken courses or studied in a Spanish speaking country?
4. Do you want any language courses?

Payment Information

We ask that the initial deposit be paid via PayPal. The deposit amount is 600 British pounds for all programs because we are a UK company with headquarters in London. We will convert the deposit into the currency of your internship program (e.g. Australian dollars for Melbourne.)

PayPal is the world’s most popular online payment system, processing over 10 million transactions per day. If you don’t have a PayPal account, creating one is fast, easy, and free. In most countries, you can make a payment through PayPal from your bank account or credit card. There is a unique link for each applicant on Vtiger under the field PayPal Link. 

We are unable to accept credit card payments directly, by phone or on the Intern Group website. If someone requests this, explain that safety and security of our participants’ payment information is of utmost importance to us, therefore we only use the largest & most secure companies (PayPal & Flywire) to process credit card payments, and we the Intern Group never receive or store anyone’s credit card information ourselves.

As a very last resort, if both PayPal and Flywire are unavailable in someone’s country, or if they are an unreasonable person who refuses to use these services and will withdraw from the program otherwise, then the only other option is a direct bank transfer from their bank account into one of ours.

Updated bank info as of May 30, 2019:

Bank location: United Kingdom
Account holder name: The Intern Group
Account number: 71499459
Sort code: 400329
IBAN: GB71HBUK40032971499459
Bank address: 1 Centenary Square Birmingham B1 1HQ
Our address: We Work, 41 Corsham St, Hoxton, London N1 6DR – United Kingdom

What to do with an applicant who has trouble paying the deposit?

Although we are the ultimate recipient of any payment made via PayPal or Flywire, we are not a party to the initial transaction: That is between the applicant, their bank/card company, and PayPal/pT, which will in turn pay TIG in a separate later transaction. Therefore the amount of direct, specific help that we can give is extremely limited.

At the same time, or course, we want to be as helpful as possible and do everything we can to make the sales process go smoothly. So when someone says they have a problem making a deposit, here are the steps to propose:

1. Tell the applicant to contact their bank. Sometimes bank won’t let you make a purchase through Paypal because of restrictions on a card. If a user encounters a problem or error message from either service, and we contact PayPal or Flywire on their behalf, we will not get any advice about this specific transaction because we are not the accountholder.

2. Try in a different browser. For example, if they’re trying to make the deposit through internet explorer, try making the deposit through Google Chrome. (This was advice received from Paypal).

3. Suggest Flywire. If both options fail to fix the problem, we have an alternative option which is Flywire.

Flywire is the top international payment processor for educational institutions, and is used by hundreds of universities worldwide including MIT, U Chicago, U Michigan, Dartmouth, Wollongong (Australia), many others. The Intern Group uses it ourselves, for the full fee payment later on, after you are placed in an internship. Flywire offers a better foreign exchange rate than banks do. You enter your payment details with Flywire and then they specify an amount in your currency which you will pay via bank transfer. You can also pay via Flywire using a credit card, but the fees are higher. Unlike PayPal, Flywire has excellent customer support: multilingual, from real live humans, available by toll-free call from multiple countries, by Skype, or by email.

4. If the applicant still has problems, you can connect them to accounts.payable, or ask Sam or Erika for help.

5. The last resort is a direct bank transfer. 

Visa Info

Career FieldStrength