University Rankings

Top 100 “Go Global” Student Bodies

We have over 2,000 program alumni that come from top universities located all over the world. Our alumni have completed international internships in Europe, North America, China, Australia, and Latin America. These students represent what it truly means to “Go Global”. We have compiled our Top 100 “Go Global” Student Bodies based on where our alumni have studied. Does your university make the list? If not, find out how.

*Official Partnership Universities (see all of our partners here).

1Hong Kong University of Science & Technology*
2Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore*
3University of Birmingham*
4Monash University
5University of Nottingham
6University of Sydney^ 2
7London School of Economics^ 1
8University of Manchester
9University of Melbourne^ 1
10University of Warwick
11University of Western Australia
12University College London
13National University of Singapore*
14University of Edinburgh
15Durham University
16University of Hong Kong^ 7
17University of Bristol^ 1
18University of York^ 5
19University of Southern California
20University of New South Wales
21New York University
22Boston University
23University of Pennsylvania
24University of Florida
25Northeastern University*
26Lancaster University^ 2
27University of Leeds
28Coventry University
29University of Exeter
30University of Leicester^ 4
31Queen Mary University
32Deakin University^3
33Cardiff University
34Chinese University of Hong Kong
35Queensland University of Technology
36Columbia University
37Florida State University
38Newcastle University*^ 7
39Macquarie University^ 1
40University of Toronto
41Curtin University
42University of Westminster
43University of Adelaide
44Pennsylvania State University^ 7
45University of Kent^ 3
46University of Michigan^ 2
47Vanderbilt University
48George Washington University
49Victoria University
50University of Queensland
51Imperial College London
52University of Western Ontario
53McGill University
54University of St Andrews
55Georgia University
56Texas Christian University
57University of Liverpool^ 10
58Emory University
59University of Sussex
60University of Cambridge
61Swinbourne University of Technology
62University of Arizone
63University of Bath
64Indiana University
65Arizona State University
66Brunel University
67University of Southampton
68Purdue University
69Griffith University
70University of North Carolina
71Babson College
73University of California San Diego
74University of Wollongong
75University of South Australia
76Aston University^ 3
77Maryland University^ 1
78University of Nebraska
79University of Virginia
80University of Reading
81Surrey University
82University of Auckland^ 1
83University of Missouri^ 2
84University of South Carolina
85University of Glasgow
86Bond University
87Auburn University
89Murdoch University
90Swansea University^ 3
91Iowa State University^ 5
92University of Greenwich
93University of Essex*
94University of Oregon
95University of Aberdeen
96American University
97Santa Clara University^ 2
98Cornell University
99Tulane University
100Harvard University

*Last updated September 1st, 2016