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Sports Management Internships

For those hoping to enter the dynamic and extremely competitive world of professional sports, there’s nothing more valuable than hands-on experience. Immersive sports management internships offer a unique entry into the field and a chance to make the connections that are essential for a successful career.

If you’re looking to specialize in Sports Management, an internship in Business would be a great opportunity for you!

Our alumni have interned at organizations including:

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Sports management internships ensure ambitious applicants with a passion for sports are prepared to enter the industry equipped with the abilities and connections needed to succeed. The athletics industry, including professional, collegiate, and recreational sports, is growing rapidly. As the industry grows, so does the need for the skilled managers that make it run.

Our program is designed to provide essential industry skills including communications, marketing, event planning, and client relations.

Responsibilities at sports management internships may include:
Assisting in logistics and operations of camps and programs
Planning and scheduling events
Preparing marketing materials
Conducting business expansion research

What are the benefits of a remote sports management internship?

Sports management is much more than standing on the sidelines of a game! Much of managing teams and events takes place online and behind the scenes, making virtual placements the perfect way to develop skills from home. We offer both part-time and full-time remote sports management internships with leading companies around the world. Interns prepare to launch successful careers through full immersion in the exciting world of athletics management.

Remote internships are extremely flexible, personalized, and forward-moving. Whether you’re looking to make an internship work around a busy school schedule, a current job, or family responsibilities, virtual placements ensure accessibility. We welcome sports management interns from all around the world and from a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds. Interns are able to create customized schedules to ensure cohesion with the other elements of their lives.

The remote nature of these placements also means interns have greater autonomy and take on bigger responsibilities. Because of this, alumni of our remote internship program have impressive leadership experience and strong portfolios to demonstrate their abilities to future employers. Remote interns are frequently the only intern at their host organization and therefore enjoy an elevated level of attention and guidance from their teammates and managers.

Of course, as many industries move towards a remote workforce, the virtual professional experience puts you at the forefront of industry movement. Equipped with essential skills and strong connections in the world of sports, interns are poised to launch location-independent careers at home or abroad.

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“My managers have been really pleased with my project and I can see that they're looking to implement my ideas. This is a fantastic opportunity to have as an intern.“

Zac Thomas Victoria University of Wellington

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