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Digital Nomad Program


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Our Digital Nomad Program gives you the chance to advance your career through world-class remote internship experience whilst exploring multiple new destinations through our organized, supported travel packages. In this program you will intern & travel with other participants as a cohort, make friends from all over the world, and build global remote internship experience to boost your resume.

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London Digital Nomad Experience

Multi Destination - Advance your career in up to three of the most exciting European cities

Our Multi Destination Digital Nomad Program offers participants the opportunity to gain world-class professional experience with an organized internship structured across 3 of the most exciting European cities.

Join this exciting program for either 8 or 12 weeks, spending 4 weeks living and interning in each location! You’ll experience the very best that these countries and cities have to offer as you spend the summer interning remotely in Europe.

  • 8 Weeks: Dublin, Madrid
  • 12 Weeks: London, Dublin, Madrid

This is your chance to leave the cubicle life behind and live the “normal of the future”. Apply now and talk to our admissions consultants as spots are filling fast!

Due to the structured group travel element of our Multi Destination Digital Nomad Program,  both the 8 and 12 week program are offered only with a June start date.

Live Like a Local & Intern Remotely

young professionals are emerging talent

Our Multi Destination Digital Nomad Program is designed to offer you a career-advancing remote internship experience while providing the opportunity to travel to up to 3 of Europe’s leading cities.

The Multi Destination Digital Nomad program includes a world-class professional experience through a remote placement with one of our vetted host organizations. In addition, you will receive an invitation to our leading  Career Advancement Training platform as well as access to our Keynote Speaker Series of workshops and digital teaching to ensure you get the most out of your internship.

Alongside this, our Multi Destination Digital Nomad program offers a structured group travel format with visa assistance, 24/7 online support, organized accommodation in each city, airport transfers, inter-destination flights, access to a global co-working space, and participation in regular cultural and social events

Single Destination - Travel & Intern From Anywhere

If you prefer to let your sense of adventure be your guide while completing your remote internship, we also offer a Single Destination version of our Digital Nomad Program which has endless possibilities. Start out by traveling to one of our global destinations to begin your experience, and then have the freedom to continue your online internship from a flexible location.

You can choose to book accommodation in your starting destination through us and immerse yourself in the culture of just one city for the full length of your internship. Alternatively, you can travel from country to country on your own accord and experience the incredible independence that a digital nomad lifestyle offers.

Internships for the single destination version of our Digital Nomad Program are available to start throughout the year.

What's included?

Remote Internship
Career Advancement Training
Keynote Speaker Series
Global Community and Network
Professional Development Materials
CV Improvement Tool
24/7 Support
Visa Support
Workplace Support
Transfers To and From the Airport
Cultural and Social Events
Amazing Co-Working Space (Multi-Destination only)
Internal Flights Between Cities

We partner with 3,000+ leading organizations across the globe

We are the trusted internship partner of 100+ universities including

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Applying for The Intern Group will accelerate your career. Through your application we will learn about you and your career goals to determine if you are a good candidate for our internship program. If accepted into our program we guarantee you an internship in your chosen career field.

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