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Digital Nomad Program

Visa information for Digital Nomad Program

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Obtaining a visa is one of the most challenging and daunting aspects about going abroad. However, The Intern Group’s inclusive package enables every participant the access to our experienced visa specialists. We are here every step of the way towards a successful application straightforward and stress-free.


General eligibility

  • You must hold a biometric passport valid for at least 6 months prior to arrival.
  • You must demonstrate a primary intention to holiday in your selected destination.
  • You must demonstrate a strong financial standing at the time of visa application (if needed) and entry.
  • You must hold adequate health insurance coverage.
  • You must demonstrate evidence of onward travel upon the end of your program.


Visa rules

  • The Intern Group’s program fee does not cover the government cost and other associated expenses regarding visa applications (if any).
  • You are not allowed to intern for a local company, be it in-person or remotely, during your time in your selected destination


Immigration regulations are constantly changing so please be advised that the above information may differ anytime.