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Ask the intern: What is life like in Dublin?

Hi Sugar, I am a student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and I have just been accepted onto the Dublin program for an 8 week placement in IT. I’m looking forward to starting my placement in Dublin but if I’m being honest I feel a bit in the dark as I’ve never been to Ireland. I’m not sure what to expect or what to prepare for. While I feel prepared for the world of work, I think I could benefit from some information about what life in Ireland is actually like. I’ve focused so much on making sure I was accepted onto the program and that my interviews went well that I forgot that I’m moving to a whole new country. Could you tell me a bit about life in Dublin? Thanks!


Hi Leo! Thanks for getting in touch with your question. First of all, congratulations on you acceptance to our Information Technology program in Dublin! I agree that now the interviews are over, you can begin to get excited about life in a new place. There are bound to be cultural differences between Ireland and your home country and it will be amazing to see life from a different perspective. While mystery is part of the charm of the Emerald Isle, I have compiled a few key points about life in Dublin to get you excited for your time in Ireland!

1. The best music in the world (so they say!)

There is no denying that music runs through the veins of the Irish. This is apparent to anyone who has stepped into a local Irish pub and experienced the traditional Irish music scene. As a country, Ireland values music highly and it is a vital part of the what it means to be Irish. Immersing yourself in Irish music while you’re interning will be a unique experience. If tradition isn’t your thing, get in the Irish spirit with other Irish exports like U2, Westlife or even Niall from One Direction.

life in Dublin

2. Life outdoors

Nowhere boasts green countryside quite like Ireland. There is a reason it’s called the Emerald Isle! The rolling hills and unique wildlife of Ireland mean that it more than deserves this nickname. After a hectic week at the office and seeing what the city has to offer, the neighboring countryside is a great place to recharge. Take to the water in Howth, where the cliffs encapsulate the peaceful beauty of rural Ireland. Appreciating the fresh air and exploring the countryside with friends is a great (and cheap) way to pass a lazy Sunday. If you fancy a dip, head to the nearby Killiney Beach.

3. What’s the craic?

A guide on life in Dublin would not be complete without the ‘craic’. Confused? I was too. Although it eludes an exact definition, craic is an Irish word that has slipped into English usage. The term basically refers to fun and enjoyment. If you’re asked ‘What’s the craic?’, you’re being asked ‘What’s up?’. It may seem odd at first encounter, but craic has become a cornerstone of Irish identity. This will all make sense to you when your life in Ireland begins. The humor and goodwill of the Irish is world-renowned. This is why it will make an excellent setting for your international internship experience.

life in Dublin

4. Silicon Docks

Another nickname for Dublin and its surrounding areas is Silicon Docks. This playfully references Silicon Valley in California, the tech capital of the world. As you undoubtedly know as a budding IT intern, Dublin has become a big deal in the tech world. Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter all have offices here. In fact, most of the biggest tech companies in the world base themselves out of Ireland for their European HQ. A land of tech opportunity, you will certainly be surrounded by like-minded people with similar interests and goals. Life in Dublin will mean being part of a thriving tech hub.

5. Culture and patriotism

Ireland is a country rich in culture. It keeps close ties to its history, enjoys its own language and boasts some of the world’s literary greats. Immersing yourself in such a distinct and abundant culture is the opportunity of a lifetime. And no country will be happier to display their culture and pride than Ireland. If you have the chance, spend St Patrick’s Day in Ireland. The happiness and sincere patriotism is overwhelming.

Now you know all about life in Dublin, apply today to launch your career with an international internship.



1. based on Dublin, by Dyn Photo, CC-by-SA 2.0

2. Howth, courtesy of The Intern Group

3. based on BOLAND’S MILL [ON THE WAY TO BECOMING BOLAND’S QUAY]-117229,by William Murphy, CC-by-SA 2.0

Photos and blog by Sugar Thomas

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