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Trending in internships: global remote internships

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International work from home internships are becoming increasingly popular. Flexible, global experience is one of the top trends in today’s professional world. These unique positions combine the very best aspects of both remote and international work.

If you’re interested in working abroad in the future or want to practice a foreign language, an international internship may seem like the perfect option. However, traveling internationally isn’t always an option. Whether you’re unable to travel because of Covid-19 or a busy school schedule, a virtual experience is the next best thing. Of course, one major benefit of interning remotely for a foreign company is that you save money otherwise spent on travel and commuting.

Exposure to other countries, economies, and cultures is extremely valuable. If you’ve ever studied or traveled abroad, you know how such an experience changes your perspective. Interning with an international company provides a unique perspective of your field. As an intern, you learn about another business culture and expand your frame of professional references. As global economies and markets become increasingly intertwined, international experience in the business world becomes increasingly valuable. In fact, experience with a foreign company in your field is just as useful when it comes to getting a job in your home country as it is for a job hunt abroad.


What are the benefits of international work from home internships?

There are endless benefits to gaining professional experience with a company outside your home country. It’s an experience that provides opportunities for professional and personal growth, and ensures you gain some new experience. Here are a few of the top benefits of remote international internships:


1. Stand out from the crowd

When you’re applying for competitive positions, whether at home or abroad, standing out from the competition can be tough. In many cases, all applicants for a job will have equally impressive profiles. However, adding international experience to your CV is sure to make you stand out. Adding a unique, out-of-the-box element enhances your chances of getting through to an interview in any round of applications.


2. Gain foreign language experience

While many international internships are in English, they can also be a great chance to practice a foreign language. If you’re fluent or nearly fluent in a second language, an internship is an excellent way to take your language skills to the next level. If you can speak that language in a professional setting, you’ll be ready to take on an international career! But don’t worry if you don’t speak another language fluently. Interacting with your international teammates, even virtually, is a great way to pick up some conversational skills in their native language.


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3. Build a global network

One of the most valuable takeaways from an international internship is the global network. By the end of a placement with a global company, you’ll have made important connections with professionals in your field around the world. These connections ensure your professional network is globally diverse. Of course, that also means you’ll have excellent connections if you decide to work abroad in the future.


4. Get outside your comfort zone

Interning in a new economy, and getting to know a new business culture, is an excellent way to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Even in a remote setting, the personal growth from an experience like this is immense. Interns develop a strong sense of their skills and personal accomplishments, as well as ever-important self-confidence. In a remote setting, interns learn important lessons in consistency, self-motivation, and resilience. Adding an international component ensures interns also hone their emotional intelligence, practice being open-minded, and learn quickly.


Which countries offer international work from home internships?

When it comes to interning remotely, it’s likely that the organization itself matters more than the country. When you’re interning remotely, you of course don’t need a visa, and don’t have to worry about travel restrictions. You can choose to apply directly for remote positions with international companies. However, another great option is to apply for an international program. If accepted, you’ll be placed with an organization abroad that is already familiar with hosting international interns. In many ways, this makes the process smoother and easier. It may also expand the range of countries to choose from. The Intern Group offers remote international internships in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia, as well as the United States and Canada.


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