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Internship in Canada Program

Visa information for Toronto

Obtaining a visa is one of the most challenging aspects of spending time in Canada, and can definitely be a daunting task. However, interns with The Intern Group have the special benefit of working with our team of visa experts to ensure everything goes smoothly. Our North America team guides each intern step by step through the process of applying for the required visa, and has a wealth of knowledge about the ever-changing visa situation.

Work & Holiday Visa Eligibility 

The application for this visa is online and the turn-around time varies per applicant. The cost of this visa is $250 CAD, apply directly to IEC. This visa is valid for the duration of the internship with a maximum length of 12 months. The actual duration permissible will be determined by length of insurance coverage. You will be instructed to apply for this visa immediately after admittance to the program, if you are accepted. US Citizens also participate in Work & Holiday, they receive an open work permit as a result of the process.

***Please be advised that the immigration authority in Canada, Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC), has the final say in who is admitted each year. All accepted participants have equal opportunity in achieving this visa, however The Intern Group (TIG) is also subject to the rules and decisions made by the IRCC.  If program participants are unsuccessful in securing a visa with International Experience Canada (IEC) for the year in which they apply, they will be given the option to defer participation to the following year, redirect to another TIG destination, or request a full refund.***


  • Your nationality must be listed on one of the three lists below
  • You must be a citizen with a valid passport for the length of your internship program
  • You must demonstrate a permanent foreign address outside of Canada
  • Ages 18-35
  • You must demonstrate a clear criminal record by obtaining an official background check 
  • You must purchase medical insurance coverage in Canada for at least the duration of your stay
  • You must be able to demonstrate supporting funds equal to or exceeding CA$2,500


Visa Rules:

  • Each qualifying nationality has a finite quota for each year, so you will be advised at the admissions stages on your likelihood of acceptance. Please consult the links below to determine your likelihood of acceptance for the current year ahead of your admissions interview.
  • Not all nationalities are accepted for this class of visa as it’s dependent on international treaties between treaties between Canada and selected countries.  Interested people can use this page to see if their country is included.