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Interns of New York

Three of our interns in New York – Juliet, Curtis and Hamza – give us the inside scoop on what it’s like to do an international internship in the city that never sleeps. From what they learned and how it has helped them, to advice that they would give to future interns – we have it all. What better way is there to learn about internships in NYC than from the interns themselves?

Juliet Watkin-Rees is an American History and Literature student from the University of Birmingham in the UK. After graduation she wishes to pursue a career in PR & Marketing. She interned in the New York office of iris Worldwide, a creative marketing agency, in both the Accounts and Strategy departments. She interned as part of her year abroad and considers her placement the best 5 months of her life.

Curtis Dean is a British law graduate who studied Law and Finance at the University of Lincoln. He then went on to pursue a postgraduate degree in Law and Business Management at the University of Law. As a stepping stone between study and employment, Curtis completed a six month law placement at Recovery of Judgement in NYC.

Hamza Ahmed is an Enterprise and Entrepreneurship student from the University of Coventry in the UK. He was an entrepreneurship intern at Piece of Velvet, a boutique dessert shop empire. For a more in-depth exploration of his experience, watch his testimonial video.


internships in NYC



What are the most important things you’ve learned?

Juliet: “Pro-activity makes the difference. You can do everything on your responsibilities list to a T, but to make a real impact you need to go above & beyond. Also, a smile goes so much further than you would ever know. Finally, find yourself a mentor within your workplace. This can be someone you look up to, a point of guidance and someone to look out for you.”

Curtis: Take every opportunity presented to you – you’ll learn more and make great friends even if it pushes you out of your comfort zone. Also, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions – in work and life. When you travel, go beyond traditional tourist places and go and see the ‘real’ city of New York (or wherever you’re interning).”

Hamza: “When you’re finishing college, you’re not expected to know exactly what you want to do with your career. But if you use the internship wisely, you can figure out if a particular sector is right for you. You can think of internships as career experiments. If you discover that you don’t like the area that you intern in, that’s fine. You might be exposed to other departments or specialties that interest you even more.”


How has interning abroad helped your future?


Juliet: “It has completely changed the potential for my future career path. My once very limited CV is now empowered with experience, recognizable clients and relevant skills. I now know I can walk confidently into a job interview and sell myself. I hope to experience my host organization’s London office over summer.”

Curtis: I’ve had more success applying for graduate jobs and more requests for interviews in the UK. I’ve now got friends for life from all over the world. The truly immersive experience has helped me to decide that I wish to get a job that allows me to travel and explore the world regularly.”

Hamza: It has definitely allowed me to build professional connections that could be helpful later in life. I networked with other interns from all around the world. I also formed a relationship with the CEO and other employees.”


internships in NYC


What advice would you give to anyone considering interning abroad?


Juliet: “Commit to a bucket list and delve into the city you’re living in. Go beyond the classic tourist stuff. Get awfully lost one day, find yourself a favorite bar or a secret gem for the best hot chocolate in the city. The world is truly your oyster.”

Curtis: Just do it! I have had the most amazing experience during my time in New York and would recommend it to anyone. New York can be a pretty overwhelming place, this is the city that never sleeps. So I’d recommend that people intern through The Intern Group as they take much of the stress out of the experience. That way, you can enjoy the start of your adventure. They helped organize interviews with employers and complete the visa process.”

Hamza: “I would genuinely recommend The Intern Group to anyone wanting to intern in New York, you won’t be disappointed. They help you to get the best out of your internship at every step of the journey, with any issues that arise. They have created a community in New York that they make you feel part of. If you’re having doubts, don’t.


Now you have the inside scoop on internships in NYC, apply today to launch your career abroad.


All photos by Brian Limbo, The Intern Group

Photos and blog by Sugar Thomas

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